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Initiated in 2007, FEELING Annual Awards has become a well-known, attractive and successful event in the industry after eight sessions over ten years.
Feeling University of Management (FMU) aims to improve the core competitiveness of internal employees and partners, focuses on the long-term healthy and sustainable development of hairdressing saloons, and provides comprehensive management and operation support. FUM stands on company planning and developing, and keeps optimizing the organization, analyzing industrial news and mastering business consultancy.The management level is equipped with courses for senior manager’s path, leadership, team building, occupational senior manager training, art of communication and time management, etc through the 4HTB leadership model.Employees are provided with various trainings for working skills and occupational skills. Sales data are scientifically managed and analyzed with a digitalized database so ...
These serial products are specially designed with extracted camellia oil essences to satisfy the demand for retro shiny hair styling. It helps men to show their natural glamour. The ladies can also use the customized formula to express the fashionable personality with shiny hair style.
The healthy silicon free and amino acid hair care series are specially provided for busy and substantial modern ladies, it helps them to face every new day with the most beautiful, smooth and glary hair all day following the principle of “Daring to SHOW is an attitude”. In addition, soft “No-rinse centralized caring” products are provided.
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