The story of Feeling is a legend of Making the Dream of Beauty Come True.

In the end of 1980s, Feeling was founded in Shanghai. At that time it was small but representing great pursuit and dream of a generation of persons in the hairdressing field for creating a Chinese hairdressing brand.

In the middle of 1990s, Feeling stepped into Japan market and established a research, development and production center to keep pace with the globalization. Based on the leading technology and experience on hairdressing in Japan, the product quality of Feeling was advanced to a new altitude, a lot of fame and confirmation was won from Japan market. Also, a certificate for foreign products and producers was awarded by the medical department of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

In the 21st century, Feeling formally initialized the "Great Feeling” hairdressing plan – to be a world-class hairdressing cosmetic group! A lot of revolutionary organizational reforms were initialized: enterprise operation, talent strategy, market strategy, customer service, logistics, product research and development, and the office environment were internationalized and modernized in addition to the product quality internationalization, and to improve the customer satisfaction has become a reliable commitment and action of all persons of Feeling!


The achievement of Feeling today is centralized with the effort of all persons of Feeling, and the pursuit and contribution of old and new Chinese hairdressing workers for generations. Feeling is the dream of everyone.

In future, Feeling will be further expanded to all fields of hairdressing cosmetics to provide service for all consumers in the world who love beauty. Having taken this heavy responsibility on the distance way, Feeling will help all fellowers on the same way to realize the same dream!


Feeling in the future will be Feeling in the world!

Brand Story
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