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Hair care, if compared with such arts as flower arrangement, tea ceremony or swordsmanship。will show its nature of Zen and nature combined. In this sense, hair care is a pursuit of pure spirit and relief of anxiety,specially when the urban life is full of worries and concerns. FEELING, bearing this picture in mind, is devoted to caring your hair by removing undesirable dandruff, and preventing your hair from the harm caused by air pollution or coloring or permingFor this purpose, our products are to nourish your hair with plant extract, which not only give your hair refreshing perfume, unlock its great potential, but also deliver an excellent hair care experience.Product name: FEELING PRO-HAIR EUPATORIUM SILKY series Products packed: orchid moistening shampoo 1000ML, orchid moist...
Feeling chocolate hair care series are gentle and smooth with a sweet smell.The anti-oxidation technology can prevent hair oxidation; the rich ceramide colloid can replenish the nutrient, enhance the vitality, expose the smart and active colors, and reinforce the protective action.Feature: chocolate smell and qualityAdvantage: anti-oxidation, suitable for all hair qualitiesEffect: color locking, smoothProduct name: Feeling Chocolate Hair MaskVolume:500mlEfficacy and feature: water soluble formula; easy to be absorbed by hair, non-greasy formulation
Product name: FEELING tea tree oil-control and anti - stripping seriesCapacity: Tea tree oil-control and anti-stripping shampoo 600ml; fruit acid intensified nutrition care cream 500ml; tea tree oil-control and anti-stripping shampoo 260 ml; fruit acid deep anti-stripping essence 10ml*6Suitable for: Oily hair and hair lossHelp with: greasy scalp, nutrition-blocked scalp, lack of balancing moistureProduct features: Rich in tea tree essence to keep scalp clean and clear, promote metabolism and reduce sebum secretionProduct name: FEELIMG Lianwu anti-dangdruff seriesCapacity: Lianwu anti-dandruff shampoo 600 ml; Lianwu anti-dandruff shampoo 260 ml; fruit acid anti-dandruff care essence 10ml*6Suitable for: Dry dandruff hairHelp with: Dandruff caused by dry hair, and sca...
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