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  • “Night of Championship”——FEELING Leads Miss Universe China Final 2017 to a Satisfactory Conclusion! On Oct. 16, “Seeking Chinese Beauty” ——the Night of Championship of Miss Universe China Final 2017 was held at Kunshan Poly Grand Theatre. Guo Zini(Miss Hong Kong), Lv Liangwei(movie star), Ma Yanli(international supermodel stylist) and Yang Dongyi(singer-songwriter) formed the ultimate judges for the final to select the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up of Miss Universe China Final, who can represent the best beauty of Chinese women.The theme of Miss Universe China this time was “Seeking Chinese Beauty”. At the final, 30 beautiful girls gave performances on 3 different themes and created a visual feast for us. On the day of the final, the beauties showed their strength and charm through three different themes. After intense competition, Qiu Qiang(Contestant No. 29) stood out from the 30 contestants and won Miss Universe China 2017. Zhang Yuqing(Contestant No. 14) was the...
    2018 - 04 - 02
  • Have you ever seen the cherry blossom sea in early spring in March? Do you want to experience the beautiful cherry blossom rain in person? Are you looking forward to a beautiful date with the cherry blossom? Shanghai Cherry Blossom Race can satisfy you! The flowering season of the cherry blossom is short, but each time the blooms are unforgettable. It symbolizes "fervor", "purity", "nobility" and "life". Every woman who loves life also tries hard like the cherry blossom, just for each splendid appearance and gorgeous bloom. The soft power of women's vogue, independence and self-discipline perfectly coincide with the cherry blossom. The Cherry Blossom Race was thus born.As a warm-up for Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival, Shanghai Cherry Blossom Race 2018 started on March 11, at 8:30 in the morning at Gucun Park. Led by the former world champion of table tennis Cao Yanhua, the Miss Swallow Chen Yanhua and former Chinese women’s volleyball team m...
    2018 - 04 - 02
  • Most Beautiful Women’s Cherry Blossom Race, FEELING Opens a New Health Model for You in 2017 Cherry trees are in full bloom in March. The flowers are gorgeous and the trees are luxuriant, like rosy clouds. On March 12, at 8:00 in the morning, The first “Change U” First Women’s 10km Race of Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 held at Gucun Park in Shanghai was cosponsored by Baoshan District Administration of Sports, Gucun Park and Honey Run. This 10km race event was a perfect combination of the most beautiful season, the most beautiful cherry blossom racetrack and the most beautiful women. The race attracted 3,000 white-collar women from all walks of life. They are advocates of the healthy lifestyle that set a good example for the new generation of women and added more highlights to the Cherry Blossom women’s race.Cherry trees are in full bloom in March. The flowers are gorgeous and the trees are luxuriant, like rosy clouds. On March 12, at 8:00 in the morning, The first “Chan...
    2018 - 04 - 02
  • The Ninth FEELING Annual Awards 2018|Event DetailsInitiated in 2007, FEELING Annual Awards has become a well-known successful event in the industry after eight sessions over ten years. It is committed to providing a “fair-equity-open” stage for all professionals in the beauty industry to explore emerging local hairdressing talents. Many leaders in the beauty industry have grown into true masters through this platform. More than 100,000 professionals in the beauty industry have participated in FEELING Annual Awards.Since The First FEELING Annual Awards, its footprints have been spread all over Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Changsha. After a 2-year interval, The Ninth FEELING Annual Awards will be held in the golden autumn in September in Tianjin, the largest coastal city in northern China!The Ninth FEELING Annual Awards 2018 formally started on March 26. So far, FEELING Annual Awards has attracted 100,000 hairdressers’ participation, received 300,000,000 entries, s...
    2018 - 04 - 12
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