By bringing beauty and confidence to people, we are determined to turn beauty into an important part of people’s life, thus promoting the aesthetic cultivation in the society, and delivering a better lifestyle.


Both in China and global markets, FEELING has become a logo representing beauty and fashion. As it becomes increasingly popular among the consumers, its market share in the global market is increasing continuously. FEELING group represents different businesses, such as hairdressing, retail, e-commerce, and overseas trade have rolled out more than 50 sub-brands and 500 single items. All these efforts are driven by our aspirations to create a better life for people with our excellent products and services.

Beauty originates from technology and the professional R&D lab of FEELING. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, four internationally renowned doctors in chemistry are now leading a team of 30 experienced researchers, in their endeavor to adopt cutting-edge technologies from China, Germany and Japan, and ensure that all the products are rolled out with safe and excellent performance. All this serves as the basis for FEELING to deliver constantly quality products.

As its vision broadens, FEELING is now spotting beauty in the world, seeking beauty in time, creating beauty through scientific research, delivering beauty through its products, embedding beauty into human relation, and enriching beauty in the harmonious existence between mankind and nature. Therefore, beauty has become a source of inspiration for FEELING, which in turn bases all its brand value on beauty.

To make beauty within you touch is what FEELING has promised to its customers and followed as a principle. This philosophy is not only embodied in its products, but reflected in the way the company fulfills its social responsibility. Committed to environmental protection and sustainable social development, FEELING has pursued business growth and human development as part of its contribution to the community with a shared future, as witnessed by its efforts to reduce pollution, improve people's sense of happiness, and bring about beauty and health into people’s life.

Here in FEELING, beauty has become a force driving us towards the goal of creating a better life.

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