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Extract natural essence for healthy perm.The research center, after many years of great effort in collecting and extracting plant essences all over the world, has refined three major amazing pure and natural essential substances from jasmine through deep study and repeated tests. With the essences, the energy of nature can be truly transferred into hair, and the hair can be internally strengthened and externally repaired with an elastic, wave and nourished effect.Product name:7D Care Hot PermContent:500ML+500MLEfficacy and features: the hot perming product in Feeling 7-step perm protecting system protects the hair with innovative technologies, and the damaged hair can be permed into a perfect style and recovered to the healthy state. With the unique trehalose and hydrolyzing keratin, the p...
We are committed to providing high-quality, convenient and handy hairdressing tools for salons, helping hairdressers better display their talents, and truly ensuring customers get better professional hairdressing experience.
Hair care, if compared with such arts as flower arrangement, tea ceremony or swordsmanship。will show its nature of Zen and nature combined. In this sense, hair care is a pursuit of pure spirit and relief of anxiety,specially when the urban life is full of worries and concerns. FEELING, bearing this picture in mind, is devoted to caring your hair by removing undesirable dandruff, and preventing your hair from the harm caused by air pollution or coloring or permingFor this purpose, our products are to nourish your hair with plant extract, which not only give your hair refreshing perfume, unlock its great potential, but also deliver an excellent hair care experience.Product name: FEELING PRO-HAIR EUPATORIUM SILKY series Products packed: orchid moistening shampoo 1000ML, orchid moist...
Feeling Perm Family has reinforced the position of perm originator by perfectly combining hair protecting with hair perming and leading the development in the perm field based on the most updated perming technologies.Product name: PROSSIONAL HOT PERMVolume:500 ml *2   24bags/boxPerm strength: R+ for resisting and normal hair quality (reinforced) / R for normal and damaged hair qualityFeature: light blue environmentally friendly package (R/R+)Advantage: a hot perm product with the highest performance-cost ratio in the marketEffect: fragrant, easy to operate, rapid wave forming, elastic enoughProduct name: SPA POWER PERMVolume:800 ml +800 ml +250 ml   24sets/boxPerm strength: R+ for resisting and normal hair quality (reinforced) / R for normal and damaged hair qualityFeature: trans...
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