Talent concept

Over the more than 20 years of development, FEELING products have been leading in the domestic hairdressing industry. The development of FEELING today is inseparable from the selection of excellent talents. Talents are the capital of the company as well as the most precious wealth. Our company’s door is open to all who are aspired to create wealth for our company.

Our company's remarkable development is based on the people-oriented policy. By recruiting, cultivating, staffing talented people, we have formed a good personnel operation mechanism. Our company communicates with employees on an equal base and shares our business contribution with them. We provide many opportunities for our employees to use their talents. In the meantime, we gather a large number of excellent talents to maintain our company’s stable and aggressive development. As needed, our company also identifies outstanding talents for retention through professional talent screening.

For every employee who has joined our company, we make a customized 4HTB personal development plan. Your position is determined by your ability and your value is determined by your contribution. Our company insists that human resource is the primary resource. Every employee is hired for their talents and every employee is appointed for their ability. We use a competition mechanism of promotion & demotion to stimulate the potential and creativity of employees. We give talented people the condition for growth and increase their value. We measure their value to our company by their ability and contribution, so that outstanding talents with good conduct, dedication and diligence, strong professional ability and high work efficiency can stand out. To make our employees more outstanding and make our company more excellent, our company attaches great importance to every employee’s career development. We carry out company-wide training, establish learning teams, prepare and provide all-round multi-level domestic and overseas professional training programs for employees, including new staff training, management training, overseas study, visits and other ways to improve the staff’s comprehensive quality and professional ability. Through various kinds of training, we not only improve the personal value of employees, but also promote the continuous renewal of our company's overall knowledge structure and the continuous improvement of our company’s comprehensive competitiveness.

FEELING (China) is the stage for you to take off in the future and the starting point for you to build a better future. You are always welcome to join FEELING (China).


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  • Have a junior college diploma or above; those with more than 3 years of experience in graphic design, artistic design, advertising and related professions are preferred; those with work experience in cosmetics are preferred.

    Be serious, careful and responsible at work.

    Have strong initiative in work, the spirit of teamwork and obedience to the leadership.

    Be proficient in design software: AI, PS, CorelDRAW, etc.

  • 1.Have a Bachelor’s degree or above;

    2.Have strong project management, analytical and marketing skills;

    3.Have experience in brand marketing;

    4.Have good interpersonal and communication skills;

    5.Have computer skills:Microsoft Word,Excel,PowerPoint;

    6.Know the process of video production and can preliminarily edit videos;

    7.Those with experience in marketing/sales promotion activities required in the consumer goods or FMCG industry or professional experience in the hairdressing industry are preferred.

  • 1、 Have at least 1-2 years of work experience related

    2、 Be familiar with Excel function formulas and other office automation software;

    3、Have a good attitude, bear hardships and stand hard work, and be willing to learn;;4、Those with experience in the same industry are preferred.

  • 1、1.Bachelor degree or above, major in law; experience in the cosmetics industry required;

    2、At least 5 years of work experience in the cosmetics industry, 3 years of legal experience;

    3、Good at office software and document writing; with foreign language proficiency, the ability to write legal documents, interpersonal and coordination skills, as well as professional ethics;

    4、Have thorough legal knowledge about contracts and cosmetics, knowledge about company process and company management, be familiar with knowledge about patents and laws.

  • 1、1.Those with work experience at a warehouse are preferred;

    2、Be diligent, responsible, careful at work, hard-working and pay attention to details; have communication and coordination skills, and strong learning ability;

    3、Have strong implementation ability, obey leadership’s arrangements;

    Interview at: Warehouse 0, 1078# Yindu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

  • 1、1.Have a high school diploma or above, be familiar with the city’s traffic and road conditions, have a strong sense of direction;

    2、Those with a driving license and proficiency in manual shift mode are preferred;

    3、Have good communication skills and genial personality, can bear hardships and hard work, have good characters, work carefully and seriously;;

    4、Have good health and no bad habits.

    Interview at:Warehouse 0, 1078# Yindu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 

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