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Feeling chocolate hair care series are gentle and smooth with a sweet smell.The anti-oxidation technology can prevent hair oxidation; the rich ceramide colloid can replenish the nutrient, enhance the vitality, expose the smart and active colors, and reinforce the protective action.Feature: chocolate smell and qualityAdvantage: anti-oxidation, suitable for all hair qualitiesEffect: color locking, smoothProduct name: Feeling chocolate shampoo Volume:300mlEfficacy and feature: silicone oil free formula; resist external free radicals, toughen, moisten and smoothen the hairProduct name: Feeling chocolate hair protecting cream Volume:200mlEfficacy and feature: hydrophilic formula; anti-oxidation, repair the damage, toughen and brighten the hairProduct name: Feeling chocolate hair filmV...
Product name: FEELING tea tree oil-control and anti - stripping seriesCapacity: Tea tree oil-control and anti-stripping shampoo 600ml; fruit acid intensified nutrition care cream 500ml; tea tree oil-control and anti-stripping shampoo 260 ml; fruit acid deep anti-stripping essence 10ml*6Suitable for: Oily hair and hair lossHelp with: greasy scalp, nutrition-blocked scalp, lack of balancing moistureProduct features: Rich in tea tree essence to keep scalp clean and clear, promote metabolism and reduce sebum secretionProduct name: FEELIMG Lianwu anti-dangdruff seriesCapacity: Lianwu anti-dandruff shampoo 600 ml; Lianwu anti-dandruff shampoo 260 ml; fruit acid anti-dandruff care essence 10ml*6Suitable for: Dry dandruff hairHelp with: Dandruff caused by dry hair, and sca...
Specially designed for Asian hairThe bright and dense hair dyeing formula gives each bundle of hair durable,flexible and splendid colors;the double wetting water content,strengthens the permed color and makes the hair smooth and bright. Basic series: 48 colors       Feature:  Ultra-powerful sweet apricot extract enhances the color saturation and lock the color durably;;Depending on the UV resistant component, the dyed hair color will keep bright durably and not fade easilyOptic fiber series: 5 colors        Feature:‘The technology of “Color changing through optic fiber transmission” brings fashionable, bright and glaring colors.Selective dyeing series: 3 colors         Feature:  One-step operation, brighte...
We have outstanding partners in the field of professional hairdressing around the world, with business in China (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe. Together with FEELING, our partners provide professional hairdressing products and services to the world. Distribution   City  Company Name South ChinaGuangzhouGuangzhou Yuexiu District Shangteng Trading FirmShenzhenShenzhen Shangsi Trading Co. Ltd.DongguanDongguan Jiadai Cosmetics Co., Ltd.HainanHainan Branch of Guangzhou Zhuozhi Beauty & Hairdressing Products Co., Ltd.NanningGuangxi Three Grasses Information Business Consulting Co., Ltd.North ChinaBeijingBeijing Aosidande Trading Co. Ltd.TianjinTianjin Code of Hair Beauty & Hairdressing Products CompanyQinhuangdaoHaigang ...
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