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Feeling Perm Family has reinforced the position of perm originator by perfectly combining hair protecting with hair perming and leading the development in the perm field based on the most updated perming technologies.Product name: Feeling professional hot permVolume:500 ml *2   24bags/boxPerm strength: R+ for resisting and normal hair quality (reinforced) / R for normal and damaged hair qualityFeature: light blue environmentally friendly package (R/R+)Advantage: a hot perm product with the highest performance-cost ratio in the marketEffect: fragrant, easy to operate, rapid wave forming, elastic enoughProduct name: Feeling spa hot permVolume:800 ml +800 ml +250 ml   24sets/boxPerm strength: R+ for resisting and normal hair quality (reinforced) / R for normal and damaged hair quali...
Feeling POPRO Series are the first brand of perfect oily hair styling products in China, and are widely distributed in the market depending on the fashionable feeling and outstanding quality. The macromolecular technology can toughen the hair core, and improve the hair supporting force and brightness. The hair style can be made durable and comfortable, and modified freely and repeatedly to show the glamour of oily hair style. The hydrophilic formula makes it easy to clean.Product name: 5.3 Feeling fragrant soft oil waxVolume: 150mlEfficacy and feature: as an oil wax with a powerful controllability, it will not agglomerate but can make the hair line by line clearly. The hair style can be made repeatedly without any residue. It can make the hair style stand without getting hard. The hydrophi...
Styling products most popular among Chinese hair stylistsThe 1.0-8.0 styling products, each with its own characteristics, can easily turn your hair into a natural and casual style, or a cool and fantastic fashion. Every styling formula are imported from Japan that is characterized by its powerful modeling capability, strong and lasting effect without white residue and convenient for easy washing. Suitable for creating different hair styles.Product name: 1.0 magic hairsprayCapacity: 400 mlEfficacy: * fruity flavor, no stimulationHigh-tech styling formula imported from Japan a-llows for strong modeling, and the natural moisturizing elements can help collagen and elastic fiber fixing well on the hair.*Strong modeling and persistent stylingSuitable for: all hairstylesProduct name: 2.0 plastic...
FEELING’s professional education team gathers international excellent trainers who have more than 15 years of professional experience and have won many international awards. Depending on our trainers’ excellent on-site training ability and our highly appealing and practical training courses, our education team has an outstanding reputation in this profession.
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