Hair Dao hair care series

Hair care, if compared with such arts as flower arrangement, tea ceremony or swordsmanship。will show its nature of Zen and nature combined. In this sense, hair care is a pursuit of pure spirit and relief of anxiety, 。specially when the urban life is full of worries and concerns. FEELING, bearing this picture in mind, is devoted to caring your hair by removing undesirable dandruff, and preventing your hair from the harm caused by air pollution or coloring or permingFor this purpose, our products are to nourish your hair with plant extract, which not only give your hair refreshing perfume, unlock its great potential, but also deliver an excellent hair care experience.


Product name: FEELING hair-care orchid moistening ries

Products packed: orchid moistening shampoo 1000ML, orchid moistening essence 300 ml, orchid moistening care cream ( extract infusion 200ml+ extract essence 130ml + revitalization repair lotion 200ml )

Suitable for: Lusterless and inelastic hair

Help with: Chemical residues and air pollution

Product features: Pure active components of rare Japanese wild orchid and nano-scale component reaching the hair core directly make your hair instantly smooth, shiny and fragrant


Product name: FEELING hair-care tea-tree anti-dandruff series

Products packed: Tea-tree anti-dandruff shampoo 1000ML; tea-tree refreshing conditioner (no need for flushing) 300 ML, tea-tree refreshing conditioner (no need for flushing) 100 ML, tea-tree anti-dandruff lotion 15 ML

Suitable for: Oily scalp

Help with: Dandruff and itching

Product features: Selection of tea-tree essence with high efficiency, power of anti-dandruff and oil control, removing itching and dandruff, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, making your hair smooth and easy to comb.


Product name: FEELING hair-care seaweed moisturizing series

Product packed: Seaweed moisturizing shampoo 1000ML, seaweed moisturizing hair conditioner 600 ML, seaweed moisturizing hair mask 600 ML, seaweed moisturizing lotion 15 ML, seaweed pre-perming cream 15 ML

Suitable for: Damaged hair after perming

Help with: dry, lack of luster and elasticity

Product features: Okinawa seaweed essence with magic water storage capacity, capable of comprehensive moisturizing and care, preventing moisture loss, restoring firmness and elasticity, and keeping your hair smooth and shiny.


Product name: FEELING hair-care Lotus luster series

Products packed: Lotus luster shampoo 1000 ML, lotus luster hair conditioner 600 ML, lotus luster hair mask 600 ML, lotus pre-dyeing lotion 15 ML, lotus luster lotion 15 ML.

Suitable for: Damaged hair after coloring

Help with: Lusterless hair, or dull hair

Product features: Stable lotus essence to prevent luster loss, keep luster even, offering oxidation resistance, and bringing back brilliance and luster to your hair.


Product name: FEELING hair-care ginkgo series

Product packed: Ginkgo shampoo 1000 ML, ginkgo hair conditioner (no need for flushing) 300 ML, ginkgo hair conditioner (no need for flushing) 100 ML, deep cutin cleaning lotion 40 ML, hair follicle refreshing lotion 15 ML, hair nourishing lotion 15 ML

Suitable for: Oily hair

Help with: fine or thinning hair, hair loss

Product features: Natural elements to help hair follicles to take in nutrients, help more hair growth, help your hair live longer, nourish both hair root and hair


Product name: FEELING hair-care bamboo extract series

Products packed: Bamboo extract shampoo 1000 ML, bamboo extract hair conditioner 600 ML, bamboo extract hair mask 600 ML, bamboo extract lotion 15 ML.

Suitable for: Most damaged hair, weak hair easy to bebroken, thin and weak hair

Help with: Fragility and vulnerability to breakage, weakor fine hair

Product features: Precious Japanese bamboo extract to reconstruct hair core microfiber structure, help collagen grow, and bring back elasticity and vitality to your hair.

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