Product name: FEELING tea tree oil-control and anti - stripping series

Capacity: Tea tree oil-control and anti-stripping shampoo 600ml; fruit acid intensified nutrition care cream 500ml; tea tree oil-control and anti-stripping shampoo 260 ml; fruit acid deep anti-stripping essence 10ml*6

Suitable for: Oily hair and hair loss

Help with: greasy scalp, nutrition-blocked scalp, lack of balancing moisture

Product features: Rich in tea tree essence to keep scalp clean and clear, promote metabolism and reduce sebum secretion


Product name: FEELIMG Lianwu anti-dangdruff series

Capacity: Lianwu anti-dandruff shampoo 600 ml; Lianwu anti-dandruff shampoo 260 ml; fruit acid anti-dandruff care essence 10ml*6

Suitable for: Dry dandruff hair

Help with: Dandruff caused by dry hair, and scalp itch.

Product features: Reduce dandruff, sterilize and relieve itching, and moisturize your hair.


Product name: FEELING  moisturizing series

Capacity: curly-hair aloe vera moisturizing series shampoo 600ml; fruit acid activated curly-hair care cream 500ml; curly-hair aloe vera moisturizing shampoo 260ml

Suitable for: After your hair is permed

Help with: Hair that is inelastic, and that is damaged after a perm

Product features: Phytoextraction, lasting curly-hair, reinforced elasticity, moisturizing and keeping the hairstyle, adding to luster


Product name: FEELING multi-effect nourishing series

Capacity: Comprehensive hair conditioner 600ml; fruit acid gentle care cream 500 ml; comprehensive hair conditioner 260ml

Suitable for: All types of hair

Help with: Hair that does not absorb conditioner easily, and the problem when conditioner is too oily to penetrate into the hair core

Product features: Small molecules easy to absorb, weak acid plant essence rich in vitamins and cationic quaternary ammonium salts, nourishing your hair internally and externally


Product name: FEELING deep - nourishing supple series 

Capacity: Deep - nourishing supple shampoo 600ml; deep and strong fruit acid care cream 500ml; deep - nourishing supple shampoo 260ml; fruit acid (with activating effect) supple essence 10ml*6

Suitable for: All hair that has got hurt

Help with: dryness, damaged hair, frizzy and other problems

Product features: Nourishing hair core, smooth hair cuticles, replenishing hair nutrition, consolidating the inner structure of your hair, making your hair strong, preventing split ends and smooth frizzy hair


Product name: FEELING crystal fruit care series

Capacity: Crystal fruit care shampoo 600 ml; fruit acid luster care cream 500 ml; crystal fruit care shampoo 600 ml; fruit acid (activating effect) color protection essence 10ml*6

Suitable for: For colored hair

Help with: color fading, dry hair and split ends

Product features: Phytoextraction, special for coloring hair, preventing color fading, and adding luster


Product name: FEELING refreshing series

Capacity: FEELING refreshing shampoo; FEELING intensified hair conditioner 260 ml

Suitable for: All types of hair

Help with: To control greasy scalp, or nervous scalp

Product features: Peppermint essence and multi-vitamin to keep you refreshed and relieve fatigue




Suitable for: Hair nutrient to improve damaged hair

Help with: Replenish nutrition into the hair for damaged hair

Product features: Hair care with effective permeability, replenishing hair nutrients, increase elasticity and repair hair cuticles. Strengthen hair texture.


Product name: FEELING intensified deep care cream


Suitable for: Repair damaged hair

Help with: Damaged hair that suffers from internal loss of nutrition

Product features: Replenishing nutrients as needed, effective treatment for scalp, adding hair elasticity, deep penetration with excellent repair capability.

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