Styling products most popular among Chinese hair stylists

The 1.0-8.0 styling products, each with its own characteristics, can easily turn your hair into a natural and casual style, or a cool and fantastic fashion. Every styling formula are imported from Japan that is characterized by its powerful modeling capability, strong and lasting effect without white residue and convenient for easy washing. Suitable for creating different hair styles.

Power Point系列

Product name: Hair Spray(1.0)

Capacity: 400 ml

Efficacy: * fruity flavor, no stimulation

High-tech styling formula imported from Japan a-llows for strong modeling, and the natural moisturizing elements can help collagen and elastic fiber fixing well on the hair.

*Strong modeling and persistent styling

Suitable for: all hairstyles

Power Point系列

Product name: Shaping Clay(2.0)

Capacity: 100 ml

Efficacy: *Isostearic Acid allowing for fast fixing and 3D hair style with unlimited creativity.

*Water-soluble polymer formula allowing for easy washing

*Most powerful rigidity, allowing for all styles at the disposal of the stylists.

Suitable for: Short and medium hair

Power Point系列

Product name:Feeling Freezing Paste(3.0)

Capacity: 100 ml

Efficacy: Olive leaf extract serving as natural anti-oxidants and preservatives; Bees Wax increases hair softness and elasticity while acting as a supporting agent.

*Unique creamy paste with an ultra-soft texture.

*Capable of volumizing the hair to create the most dazzling and the coolest fashion style

Suitable for: all avant-garde styles

Power Point系列

Product name: Feeling Texture Paste(4.0)

Capacity: 100 ml

Efficacy: creamy paste with an excellent hand feeling. Non-sticky and can be washed easily.

*Cashmere texture for moisturizing and nourishing hair to keep them smooth and shiny

Suitable for: all hairstyles demanding for texture movement.

Power Point系列

Product name: Cyclone Cream(6.0)

Capacity: 200ml

Efficacy: emulsifier with dual functions, keeping your hair shiny but without any greasy feeling

*The glycemic component of palm glucose with a powerful function of moisturizing can bring back luster and smoothness to your dry and curling hair

*Aloe vera moisturizing gel allowing for strengthening curly style. Making your hair curly and easy to reshape as desired.

Suitable for: special for curly hair

Power Point系列

Product name: Feeling Sculpt Paste(7.0)

Capacity: 200ml

Efficacy: Sodium polyacrylate, an excellent moisturizer, will add luster and smoothness to your hair.

*Unique DNA mineral organic active factor making your hair more fluffy in a perfect style

Suitable for: straight hair or before blowing

Power Point系列

Product name: Tail smooth Serum(8.0)

Capacity: 80ml

Efficacy: Mineral oil extract with excellent function of moisturizing, preventing splitting ends with shiny result.

*High-tech skin silicone oil to smooth hair cuticlesgiving smooth and shiny results.

*Making it easier to comb your hair. Adding smoothness and softness instantly.

Suitable for: special for nourishing hair

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