SHOW ColorSHOW Color

Specially designed for Asian hairThe bright and dense hair dyeing formula gives each bundle of hair durable,flexible and splendid colors;the double wetting water content,strengthens the permed color and makes the hair smooth and bright.


Basic series: 48 colors       

Feature:  Ultra-powerful sweet apricot extract enhances the color saturation and lock the color durably;;Depending on the UV resistant component, the dyed hair color will keep bright durably and not fade easily

Optic fiber series: 5 colors        

Feature:‘The technology of “Color changing through optic fiber transmission” brings fashionable, bright and glaring colors.

Selective dyeing series: 3 colors         

Feature:  One-step operation, brighter and deeper color, powerful innovating tool for stylists.

White hair covering series: 4 colors         

Feature:  With the double-base color belt, white hair can be covered by a natural and soft color in 100%.

Tool color series: 5 colors     

Feature:  Effectively remove the yellow, improve the brightness, neutralize any color, and mix with any other hair dye.Product name:Product name: Feeing SHOW Bright Color Selective Hair Dye  Super Highlighting Hair Color

Volume:100ml  96pieces/box      FeatureFeatures:color codeXX-XX        AdvantageAdvantage:perfectly mixable with any base color, easy to operate

EffectBenefits:one-step mixing and dyeing in an improved efficiency       High-tech formula: bright color

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